Every party should root out bigots in their ranks

Least of all, one that markets itself as left-of-centre.

Today we’re learning of the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from the UK Labour Party caucus pending an investigation of his conduct regarding internal processes of handling incidents of antisemitism.

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on the internal mechanisms of the Labour Party or the viability of these allegations.

But it sure strikes me as odd that a (former) leader whose brand is literally as a stand against racism and bigotry would be accused of such internally. To me, this looks more like a well orchestrated smear by internal opponents who finally got rid of their version of Bernie Sanders.

I also not going to deny that there are a fringe element of bigots that worm their way into parties of the left…which is horrible. Parties of the left should offer no safe haven to the ideals and ways of hate. Those belong to the right wing where it was invented.

The further right you get politically, the more nationalist and quasi-relgious-ethnostate you’re comfortable with. This is what makes it the perfect breeding ground for the hateful ideas that spawned the Nazi movement.

The further left you get politically, the more egalitarian and anti-state you get. This is the breeding ground for anti-capitalism and folks whose ideals oppose power by powerful rich people and corporations – it should be hostile to people trying to exploit fears, unknowns and stereotypes.

To the many who dedicate their activism to lifting people out of poverty, chase racism and hate from the mainstream discourse and right historical wrongs, I salute you.

To those who would use our political and ideological movement to advance your fringe ideas of hate and division, fuck you.


Author: islander1974

40ish leftish, mouthy-ish. My politics are clearly left and I'm tired of compromise with the neo-liberal right. They've driven a wedge with their money based centrist politics. We used to be able to do great things and we can again; we just need the leadership to do so; and folks to say as much.

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