The last day of my 45th year

It was on my 35th birthday that I was granted the greatest gift I could ever receive, the gift of fatherhood. My son was also born on May 21.

We both share the day as a birthday, now a surreal experience with a pandemic underway.

I’m waiting to return to the job, Rylind is waiting to resume some normal existence and hang out with friends again.

But as we wait for the calendar to flip over a day, I’m reminded of my role too.

It’s my job as it is anyone’s, to leave a better world for our kids than what we received.

So I will continue to argue and fight for what is right.

Right, on human rights, climate change, science, social and economic justice.

Look at me.

I’m of the demographic that has the least to worry about things. I sit atop a world in a fairly privileged position.

As Tommy Douglas once said that it’s never too late to fight for a better world.

I agree.

My first 45 years have brought me to this place. I’ll spend the next 45 making it better, for my kid and yours.

Let’s go


Author: islander1974

40ish leftish, mouthy-ish. My politics are clearly left and I'm tired of compromise with the neo-liberal right. They've driven a wedge with their money based centrist politics. We used to be able to do great things and we can again; we just need the leadership to do so; and folks to say as much.

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