Every party should root out bigots in their ranks

Least of all, one that markets itself as left-of-centre. Today we're learning of the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from the UK Labour Party caucus pending an investigation of his conduct regarding internal processes of handling incidents of antisemitism. I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on the internal mechanisms of the Labour Party … Continue reading Every party should root out bigots in their ranks

Green elitism on full display

The new federal Green Party leader lost a byelection which was called before she was selected as leader - to replace the Liberal MP who was finance minister. As per party constitution, the NDP promptly selected a candidate, Brian Chang, a person who campaigned under the party banner in 2019 general election and finished a … Continue reading Green elitism on full display

Epilogue for BC Election 2020

So an NDP Premier was re-elected. That's a first. Taking a precarious minority to a substantial majority is major news too. But nobody should be surprised by this. The NDP led a campaign that was disciplined and focused while their opposition flailed about. It turns out that the 'steady as she goes' narrative is what … Continue reading Epilogue for BC Election 2020

BC Liberals threaten skilled trades. Again.

Today at the campaign event where the BC Liberals pledged to resurrect the Massey Bridge project, they also mentioned they would abolish 'community benefit agreements'. Those are by definition a 'project labour agreement' that typically involved a group unions and has terms that outline apprenticeships and training for those working on major infrastructure projects. CBA's … Continue reading BC Liberals threaten skilled trades. Again.

BC Liberals afraid to face voters

I've noticed something. BC Liberal partisans are simultaneously trying to scare voters that this election isn't necessary because its dangerous to vote while downplaying the pandemic to argue that the election isn't necessary. Why would they do that? BC Liberals don't want an election because they're afraid to face voters. Voters will see a party … Continue reading BC Liberals afraid to face voters

Voting now isn’t ideal, but waiting is worse.

Once you get over the relatively early election call, you'll come to the same conclusion. Its about choices. Revert back to the party and leadership brand that hurt BC's most vulnerable, destroyed the BC forest industry, bled the life out of BC Hydro and ICBC for political gain, and attacked educators and healthcare workers in … Continue reading Voting now isn’t ideal, but waiting is worse.